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Tiburon Recovery

This newly purchased home had some surprises waiting for them. One thing led to another…



Building Solutions had to address all the Structural issues leftover from the costs cut and failed inspections from 1976? Building Solutions also had to figure out how to stop all the leaks everywhere from the exact same causes.


Building Solutions worked closely with the Town of Tiburon (now under much more competent management) to establish a “Standard of Care” for the structural remediations. We settled on a balance between what the original would have been if it had been installed correctly and bringing it entirely up to current, 21st. Century codes.

We also worked closely with the window manufacturer, flying their technician up from LA to do much of the work, and conduct training for us to do the rest. The only way to stop the rest of the leaks was to replace the entire waterproof membrane of the whole house. This enabled the clients to take the horrific plaster finish from the 1970’s “one-piece polyester leisure suit” design sensibilities to more fitting tastes – both modern and timeless.

The final infrastructural component that brought the home up to modern performance standards was the new drainage system. Free from moisture, the interiors were sandblasted free of mold and will not be an issue for decades, possibly centuries to come.

The clients were entirely committed to do whatever it took to address every single issue, which they absolutely did. And we were committed to produce and install the optimal solution for every single one of them.

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  • Re-structuring of crucial seismic structural wood and concrete components that escaped a less-than-vigilant Tiburon Building Department in a mid 1970’s glut of 5000 sq. ft. spec homes in the area
  • Installing a new drainage and watering system for the entire estate complete with a rainwater catchment system and a modernization of a failed crawlspace drainage system that was causing mold issues
  • A completely new waterproof membrane for the exterior over which a new plaster finish was installed with new stone casings and other exterior details
  • A new rear deck with an extensively engineered waterproof membrane along with a custom railing that did not pierce the deck membrane and made gracious room for the copper gutters all around the deck.
  • Copper drainage detailing all around the home draining into the new catchment system for landscaping irrigation
  • A new outdoor kitchen serving a large outdoor dining experience
  • Factory-supervised re-conditioning of the existing windows to withstand the extreme horizontal wind-driven rain
  • Re-conditioning the pool and surrounding areas with new limestone walking surfaces
  • New exterior courtyard entry and new mahogany Garage roll-up doors
  • A new interior elevator
  • New lighting systems throughout the interior and exterior of the home
  • New doors and interior moldings throughout the home