How Building Solutions has Broken Tradition to Make a Better Way
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How Building Solutions has Broken Tradition to Make a Better Way

From 20th Century Industry traditions to the current breakthroughs being made in the Design-Build industry, some firms just haven’t caught on to the new flow of things – but one definitely has.


Building Solutions is the data-driven design-build firm that has turned all your nightmares about building, renovating and home additions into dreams. While industry tradition has dictated that you needed to use a separate firm for architecture and construction, Building Solutions has done away with this antiquated tradition and implemented a new, modern take on what a design-build firm is and what it can mean for your project.

Building Solutions has built our foundation on continually proving that there is a better way, a newer way to do the things that traditional firms made so complicated.

Planning stages of traditional firms included little to no discussion about property ROI, no intention for long-term analysis processes, low levels of information expertise, and usually only showed interest in the “coolest thing” they could design.

Building Solutions’ planning stage is more involved, more advanced, and focuses on doing the exact opposite of traditional firms like using property ROI to ignite conversations about the planning process, makes long term- analysis a part of the conversation right from the beginning, and has the highest level of expertise available for the project.

Not only has the planning process been virtually reinvented by Building Solutions, but the design process has been given an overhaul as well.

Traditional firms have relied on traditional methods like using fixed cost contracts, milestone billing, maintaining short term relationships with designers and keeping clients mostly in the dark about the process.

Building Solutions’ reinvention started with total transparency and continued with a negotiated contract structure, billing reports, and progress reports, line-item veto and maintain long term relationships with designers.

Right from the beginning Building Solutions hit the ground running with groundbreaking ways to conduct business leaving traditional firms struggling to catch their breath. Especially now that the public has a digestible idea of what Building Solutions is doing in the face of its competitors the only question left to answer is: Why choose anyone else?