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Featuring a unique Investment-Appropriate planning process, Building Solutions offers individuals and companies alike a wholly immersive and collaborative Design-Build process that emphasizes transparency and advocacy in all the steps to making your building dreams a reality.



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Looking to get in touch or have an idea you want to flesh out? Try our short virtual project proposal and dream up your favorite space. You’ll get a free project proposal afterwards!

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Case Studies

Tiburon Recovery

Building Solutions rebuilt this project from the ground up, while also installing a new drainage system for the entire estate and flying in a technician out of state to assist in state of the art windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It starts with an assumption that the only way to ensure an investment-appropriate project for any given property is to begin the PLAN process with questions.

These questions address our client’s short-term, best-use-of-resources concerns, as well as their long term ROI position in the property or business. Any design conversation that does not begin with these questions may not produce the best design results for the short and long term: Value Engineering, Step 1.

We continue these discussions throughout the Design process. Integrating costs and design at every step of the way to make sure the project fits the resources in an Investment-Appropriate way: Value Engineering, Step 2.

We promise to keep bidding out the project at the Sub-Contractor level during the BUILD until our clients say “stop.” Value Engineering, Step 3.

If you know you can have this, why would you choose anything else?

A single point of accountability. All fingers point to us. One phone call to make. One-stop-shop. We are contractually responsible for making sure that our clients are fully apprised of the cost implications of their decisions at every step of the Design and Construction process. 

Also, our Team embodies every necessary area of Expertise for an efficient Design Process:

  • Investment Planning
  • Artistic Design
  • Structural and other Engineering skills
  • Costing
  • Permitting
  • Construction Means and Methods

We can’t make it better than that.

Why would anyone hire a firm that does not possess all these critical skills in-house if they knew they could?

“Free” bids are a minimalist product specifically designed to get a foot in the door by low-balling. You can’t do anything with them, and they are worth exactly what you pay for them. Their only value is to say, “it will never be less than that.”

Our Estimating Process is based on our principles of complete transparency and Client Advocacy.

These two principles (and our software that enables them) gives us the ability to conduct a Value Engineering Process that gives you the most control over your how your resources are spent than any minimalist “free” bid and the equally minimalist software that created it.

The funds invested in a well-crafted value engineering process pay for themselves many times over in the ability to design a project from the start that meets your financial goals.

Why wouldn’t anyone want that opportunity?

Oxford Dictionary defines it as “The modification of designs and systems according to value analysis”.
We are able to do this analysis because we wrote our own software to do just that.  It gives you the ability to modify the design and specifications in real-time so that you can instantly see the cost effects of your Design choices on your project budget.  Think laser-pointers in your own hands and a big screen with lots of choices.  See our video on “The 3 Methods of Value Engineering” for more details!

Most designers or builders meet to discuss artistic and construction possibilities. That’s what they know, and that’s not the best place to start. You may end up with a project that either doesn’t fit your budget or one you’re not as happy with as you’d like to be. Neither of these is a good result.

Our initial consultation begins where it should, with a discussion of your short and long term financial goals for yourself, your family, or your business. You’d be amazed how these discussions reveal and define a far more direct path to a Viable Project, only spending money on design for a project that will not only actually be built, but one that will also fit your short and long-term financial goals.

Because why wouldn’t you do that?